Want to Make a Positive Impact on Someone’s Life, as Well As Your Own?
Volunteer to help people with movement disorders lead better lives through our therapy programs.
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Volunteer Opportunities Message 

Class Assistant: Learning the day’s exercises, observing the class members and assisting them, operating the timer, helping in other ways as requested.  

Marketing Help: Crafting press releases, new marketing materials, interfacing with printers, overseeing postal mailings, and contacting potential supporters and sponsors. 

Fundraising Help:
Crafting fund raising events, making direct solicitations, adopting a corporation to help them see our success and our needs.

Property and Equipment Management:
Wiping Down of all equipment, noticing and repairing small wear and tear spots, notifying EMF when equipment needs replacement.  

Music Librarian:
Keeping track of printed music used for Parkinson’s Chorus and other Musical Therapy Sessions.  

Graphic Design:
Using art and computer graphic skills to assist Marketing and Fundraising efforts. 

Learning the web site software. Managing e-mail issues.  Setting up phone, sound system, and music network in new spaces. 

Telephone/Check in: Handling telephone inquiries, messages, and sign ins at the front desk.  

Para Legal: Reviewing legal documents and helping to prepare official responses to government entities and other corporate matters.  

Grant Writer: Leading or Assisting with writing grant applications.   

Seminar Liaison: Set up room for meeting, distribute handouts, sign in registered attendees, welcome newcomers.

Caregiver Support: Arrange for seminars and support groups for Caregivers and Attendant.